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How To Keep Dumpster Divers Out Of Your Commercial Dumpster Rentals

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When you rent commercial dumpsters, you expect to have them for a long time while you complete a construction project. You do not expect to constantly have to clean up after dumpster divers, those folks who go through dumpsters looking for "treasures." Spending an hour every morning cleaning up the mess left behind by these trespassers can get expensive, if not annoying. Here is how you can keep dumpster divers out of your commercial dumpster rentals.

Try Barrier Fences

Barrier fences may help, but they are not always the best option against people who insist on going through trash. Chain link fences and electrical fences may help, but you have to make sure the electrical fences are not too close to metal dumpsters. Chain link fences also have to have gates that need to be locked, which may only encourage dumpster divers.

Keep Them Tightly Covered

You can rent dumpsters that come with heavy, locking lids. These dumpsters not only have heavy lids that take some real strength to open, but they also have heavy bars that have to be pulled down and over the lids just to get the dumpsters unlocked. If you really want to confound dumpster divers, use the additional lock holes to lock the dumpsters completely.

Use Bolt Cutter-Proof Locks

There are special padlocks out there that are bolt cutter-proof. Even if your dumpster divers get bold enough to try and cut through your locks with a bolt cutters, these locks will prevent the divers from doing so. After several minutes of frustration, your regular dumpster divers should give up and walk away. If you also have construction site security walking around, that should scare them off of the attempt of trying to cut the locks.

Construction Site Security

Hire one of your crew to work overnights. He or she can sit in the construction site trailer monitoring the lot in order to scare off any would-be dumpster divers. Cameras pointed on the dumpsters in conjunction with all of the above precautions can help keep dumpster divers off the lot and out of your construction trash.

Frequent Collections

Frequent dumpster collections can also help. If your dumpsters are empty at night, there is nothing for the dumpster divers to rifle through. Fill the dumpsters with your trash all day, and then schedule dumpster pick-ups for the end of the work day. Replacing the dumpsters with empty ones every night or every other night keeps intruders and mess-makers from stepping onto the property. It may also save you some money because your crew will spend less time picking up in the morning and less time monitoring overnight.

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