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Three Things You Should Be Recycling At Home Besides Aluminum Cans

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By now, almost everyone knows to recycle aluminum cans. If you don't want to collect them yourself, chances are there is at least one neighbor or friend that will be glad to take the cans off your hands. However, there are many things you should be recycling that you may not be aware of. The following are three things in your household that you should be recycling.

Recycle all of your paper

Most people know to recycle newspaper, but there are many other sources of paper in your home that should not be thrown out. This includes all of your junk mail. You should make a habit of throwing your unwanted mail in a special trash can that is dedicated to junk mail. You should also keep all of your waste from a paper shredder for recycling. If you have old books with damaged spines or obsolete textbooks that have no market values, you need to include them with your waste paper for recycling. If your local trash company does not offer recycling for paper, there is usually at least one recycling center in your community that will take paper.

Recycle your PET plastic

There are many plastics that people use, but the most popular one used by American households are the ones for bottled drinking water and soda pop. This type of plastic is called polyethylene terephthalate or PET for short. Because it is so common, it is the biggest problem in our landfills, so you need to focus on this particular plastic above the others. Some areas of the country have redemption centers because a deposit is paid when the drink is purchased, other states have authorized recycling centers. You need to check with your local municipal government for a location. Most PET plastics are marked with a triangle with arrows indicating it is recyclable. The number one will appears inside the triangle as PET is a type one plastic.

Old cell phones

It may be tempting to simply toss an old cell phone in the trash, but these phones are harmful to the environment. This is mainly due to the batteries that contain heavy metals that are harmful to our environment, especially when they wind up in a landfill. Over time, these poisonous metals can find their way into the underground water supply. You can find many places locally who will take your old cell phones. Often it is a local consumer electronics store that will take the phone.

Of course, there are many other things you can recycle other than the three items listed above, but these items are a good place to start. Because these items have such a big impact on our environment, recycling them will give you a chance to make a positive contribution to protecting and conserving our natural resources. Contact a recycling service, like Weidle G F Sanitation, for more information on how and what to recycle.